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Pre Primary Schools in Bangalore

The Little Wings Pre-School is a pre primary schools in Bangalore, offering a safe, secure, and sound environment to kids aged over 2 years 10 months. Choosing the right pre primary schools in Bangalore is one of the most important decisions parents will make during their child’s early years. It can be a grueling process, filled with uncertainty and mixed emotions.

At The Little Wings nursery school in Bangalore, we understand how difficult this decision can be, but we also recognize how rewarding the right pre-school can be for both parents and children. Everything we do at Ladybug is focused on children. Little wings is all about meeting your child’s unique needs.

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Pre-Schools in Bangalore

From a child’s first day in our Nursery school, we establish the foundation for a lifelong love of learning that will serve as the bedrock for future success. 

Our spacious facilities give sufficient space for both indoor and outdoor play in an enriched setting for age and ability-specific education.  

When it comes to your child’s education, choosing the right pre-primary school is a crucial decision. You can find great pre-primary schools in Bangalore dedicated to providing a strong educational foundation and fostering early childhood development.

At Little Wings pre primary Schools in Bangalore South,


  • We strive to offer a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for children, parents, and staff.
  • We aim to help each child reach their full potential.
  • We collaborate with parents to ensure their children’s happiness.
  • We provide well-trained staff and excellent education.
  • We provide individual attention to students.
  • Together, we have fun, learn, and grow.
State Board Schools in Bangalore

Learn by exploring

Curiosity and exploration are the most effective ways for young children to learn. Our pre primary schools in Bangalore encourages children to explore and research to find answers to their questions. They observe, experiment, analyze, solve problems, even disassemble objects we give them. They foresee what will happen if they do certain activities. As the best nursery school in Bangalore, we believe that today’s kids are our future leaders, and hence, we motivate every child to develop their talents and prepare for the greatness that lies ahead of them.


Art, craft, creativity, and imagination, in our opinion, should be at the heart of a child’s education. Every day, we strive to make learning fun for your kid by fostering vivid creativity and imagination. We provide a combination of free play and adult-led activities along with our academic curriculum. Our highly qualified and dedicated team will guide your child through their crucial early years as they embark on the exciting path of learning and growth. We pride ourselves on our school’s accomplishments in terms of academic, social, and holistic education.

Schools in Bangalore offer a nurturing and stimulating environment that is essential for a child’s overall growth. By following a curriculum tailored to the needs of young learners, these schools lay the groundwork for a successful educational journey. 

Experienced Educators and Child-Centric Approach

One of the key features of pre-primary schools in Bangalore is their experienced and caring educators. They employ child-centric teaching methods, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment. 

Early Learning and Development

These education institutions are designed to facilitate the holistic development of children. They focus on early learning and skill development in areas such as language, math, social skills, and creative expression 

Child Safety and Well-Being

The safety and well-being of every child is prioritized. They maintain secure premises and adhere to stringent safety standards. Moreover, these schools foster an atmosphere where children feel emotionally secure, enabling them to explore, learn, and grow with confidence. 

Pre-primary schools in Bangalore play a pivotal role in setting the stage for a child’s educational journey. These schools offer early learning and development opportunities, experienced educators, a child-centric approach, and a strong focus on safety and well-being.

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admission details
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At the time of admission (for class I to X) along with application form a Photostat copy of the original birth certificate and original transfer certificate from the school last attended, counter signed by the Block Education Officer (BEO) and the most recent original marks card must be submitted.

Star 4

A student promoted from senior nursery (UKG) to 1st standard, though studied in the same school, must apply for fresh admission for entry to 1st std. for succeeding academic year and even for the primary school pupils to high school. There will be regular readmission formalities along with fresh application.

Star 5

Apart from the various prescribed fees payable during an academic year, parents should pay maintenance fees at the beginning of every academic year.


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