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State Syllabus Schools in Bangalore

Providing quality education is a priority for students and parents alike. The best State syllabus schools in Bangalore, like Holy Child Convent, have defined this mode of regional curriculum as the best in the state. Holy Child Convent follows the state syllabus models that give a robust intellectual foundation while being rooted in regional relevance.

Top 10 State Board Schools in Bangalore

Understanding State Syllabus Schools

As the leading state syllabus school in Bangalore, Holy Child Convent keeps updated on the nuances and changes happening within the State Board. The state syllabus  schools in Bangalore follow the curriculum set by the educational board of the state. These schools will be adhering to the Karnataka State Educational Board’s guidelines. The syllabus we follow prepares the students for state-level examinations. They also provide them with a strong foundation for national-level competitive exams.

Why Choose Holy Child Convent?

Regional Relevance

Holy Child Convent had a deeper connection with the language, culture, and traditions. We provide a well-rounded education, which is deeply rooted in Karnataka’s heritage, and social culture.

Quality Education and Facilities

Highly qualified educators who are experienced in the state curriculum are employed by Holy Child Convent, the best state syllabus school in Bangalore. With high-quality teaching, schools would also provide well-equipped libraries, sports facilities, laboratories, and comfortable classrooms, making all students get the most comprehensive education.


Affordable education is provided with a comfortable atmosphere. A broader range of students have access to a good education. They are committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost.

Preparing for the future

Even though academic results are important there needs to be training given to the students which will help them in the future. Among all the state syllabus schools in Bangalore, Holy Child Convent is more dedicated to giving extracurricular activities which is essential for a successful future.

Connecting with Culture

Our school is known to host events that have a lot of cultural relevance. This lets the students connect with the traditions and values of Karnataka.

The Role of Holy Child Convent?

Holy Child Convent acts as the pillar of education in Karnataka. The diverse range of students are offered a wide range of courses that equip them with academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

Language Emphasis

The importance of regional language is emphasized and made sure the students are capable of using them in an efficient manner. This enables the students to understand the regional culture.

Promising foundation for higher education

Holy Child Convent has formed an effective curriculum that guides the pursuit of higher education. The syllabus trains the students for competitive exams they may face in the future, giving them an all-rounded experience in all the sections of education.

Guided to Success

The alumni from Holy Child Convent have gone on to achieve glorious success. There are varied sectors like engineering, business, arts, and many more in which they have excelled. Consistent practice helps them successfully pursue their dreams with confidence.

State syllabus schools in Bangalore shape the educational landscape of the region. We offer quality education and facilities, prepare for the future, and guide to success and all-rounded development. Your child will be provided with a strong foundation at Holy Child Convent. State syllabus schools in Bangalore like the Holy Child Convent are committed to academic excellence. Their emphasis on affordable education and a blooming environment proves them to be the most effective educational system.

Admission Form

Admission Details

Admission details
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At the time of admission (for class I to X) along with application form a Photostat copy of the original birth certificate and original transfer certificate from the school last attended, counter signed by the Block Education Officer (BEO) and the most recent original marks card must be submitted.

Star 4

A student promoted from senior nursery (UKG) to 1st standard, though studied in the same school, must apply for fresh admission for entry to 1st std. for succeeding academic year and even for the primary school pupils to high school. There will be regular readmission formalities along with fresh application.

Star 5

Apart from the various prescribed fees payable during an academic year, parents should pay maintenance fees at the beginning of every academic year.


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