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Tips for Helping Your Child Excel in High School Academics

Every child is blessed with academic insight, Tips for Helping Your Child Excel in High School Academics you would have seen your children's impressive analytical and technical skills amaze into our minds. Their skills will be rusted without any proper training. Your child will make harmful routines that lower their grasping skills, these abilities of a child can be pitched up with guidance to the right path.

There is a dynamic skill that can be identical to the high school child. The tips can find the right spot in your children. With proper practice, these skills will start to resonate with a high school student.

1. The Feynman Technique:

Robert Feynman, the great educator who introduced the learning ladder to your child kept a few secrets to excel in studies. These secrets include certain steps you need to follow while studying
  1. This includes writing down the topics you are studying, or writing down everything you learned about the subject on paper in a detailed manner.
  2. Teach the topic to yourself or anyone you know. These will make you aware of the parts which the students have missed in your studies and let you pick back where you left them.
  3. Revisit the things you have left behind and understand the section which you found hard.
  4. Simplify and review the subjects you found hard. Pretend that you are teaching a child and learn it yourself. Write this section in simpler terms.

2. The PQ4R Method:

THE PQ4R is an acronym that stands for six-step process: Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, and Review which helps you understand difficult subjects.
  1. Preview: Before you get into the subject, read the preview and you will get an understanding of what this story is about. Skim the material and read only the headers, subheadings, and highlighted text. Read the first and last paragraph.
  2. Question: Think about the understanding you got with the preview. Question yourself regarding the topic.
  3. Read: find the answers to the questions you had earlier through reading.
  4. Reflect: Think about what you read, crosscheck for questions, and note any striking information.
  5. Recite: Summarize the content in your own words, discuss it, or write down the main points.
  6. Review: Go through the material again, answer the remaining questions, and ensure full understanding. Note the important section.

3. Spaced Practice:

Space or distribution practice is a consistent mode of practice studied over a long period. This involves reviewing the things you studied over an extended time. This creates a relook into the ideas you understand.

Day 1: Introduction to the material. Create simple quizzes and flashcards based on the subject matter.

Day 3: Revisit and review the material. Answer the review questions and review areas you forget or find difficult.

Day 6: Revisit and review. Continue to create more review questions. Revisit the material if you are not correctly answering the questions.

Day 9: Revisit and review. Incorporate old material with new information.

Day 15: Revisit and review. Create summaries and checklists to ensure you have thoroughly covered everything you set out to do.

4. The SQ3R Method

This will help your high school children retain important information from their studies with 5 basic steps, they are: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review
  1. Survey: Before diving into the text by scanning through it, your child should start by skimming the subject given to him. This step will give an awareness of the basic contents of the text.
  2. Question: Make questions out of the study text. If you find any questions that will be answered in the study material highlight those.
  3. Read: Now you can begin reading the full text and formulate the answers to the questions the students have asked earlier.
  4. Recite: While reciting, you will find the places in the study material where you hiccupped. Try to answer and move on to the next section.
  5. Review: When your high school child is done with all the above steps, the review will be a priority.

Help your high school learning children by equipping these techniques and seeing them excel in exams. Each student is unique in their way. They have different practices that are comfortable for them. Tips for Helping Your Child Excel in High School Academics  The tips that are given above are of different dynamic ranges which are simple and comfortable. High school students will find it extremely easy to fit into these easy routines.


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