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5 Time Management Tips for Students to Conquer Routine

In a world driven by innovation, modern technological shift is seen from as early as schooling period onwards. At Holy Child Convent, we believe in absorbing the full potential of benefits of technology in education to create a conducive learning atmosphere that makes our students stay at the forefront always. Technology in education offers an umpteen no. of advantages, making learning an enjoyable process and no longer hating subjects because of tough concepts.


Juggling between mundane daily activities such as personal house chores, academics, extracurricular activities, and social life can be daunting for students. Balancing each activity is a challenge for most school-going children, often requiring an adult or parental intervention most of the time. Here’s where time management tips for students step in. Effective time management gives a child complete control of their schedule, to achieve their academic goals, and maintain a well-balanced and healthy childhood. 
Time Management Overview

What is Time Management? How are Time Management Tips for Students Useful in terms of student life? 

Time management isn’t just about squeezing all your daily tasks into a single day’s schedule; it is about carefully organizing a child’s schedule, prioritizing tasks based on the necessities, and creating a conducive and focused learning environment. By learning and mastering the below-mentioned time management tips for students, they are well-equipped to conquer their work, and academic success, and still have time for their hobbies or to do what they enjoy most. 
Tips for time management for students

What is the Importance of Time Management Tips for Students 

Time management tips for students are more than just tips and tricks to cleverly get the most activities done. Honing these skills offers a large margin of benefits

Reduced Stress

Feeling overwhelmed and staying behind schedule is a major stress causer. By managing your time efficiently, workloads, socializing and academics will be the child’s favourite activity to long for, with greater confidence and avoid the last-minute hustle and bustle. 

Improved Academic Performance

Time management helps a child to prioritize tasks and avoid delaying any given work, without procrastination. This allows the child to work on multiple activities in comparatively less time, making room for other activities to fit well into their schedule. 

Acquire Invaluable Life Skills

Effective use of time management is a skill that equips you throughout your life, once it is followed diligently by anyone, irrespective of demographics. Hence it is important for adults or parents to imbibe this skill in their children at an early age, not just in academics, but in all aspects of life. This will help them become better individuals and inculcate this skill even in their professional lives at their later stages. 
Time Management Tips For Students

5 Time Management Tips for Students  

Now that we have understood the importance of time management for students, let’s explore five effective tips and how to help children conquer their day’s schedule: 

1. Craft a Master Tracker

Scheduling is always the key to effective time management. Assist your child to come up with a schedule that includes every detailing of their day-long commitments, however important or not important, such as 

Parents can help their child use a planner, a whiteboard or a simple sticky note on the fridge– the key is to find a system that works for you. Holy Child Convent, a leading name among schools in Banashankari, understands the importance of bifurcating and scheduling the day’s spaces.  

Time Management Tips for Students

Here are some additional time management tips for students in scheduling

Schedule is the key

Set aside dedicated time slots for each task, however small. Helping your child in making a schedule with a strong visual representation helps them to avoid overlap of chores resulting in confusion or omitting a task and in turn results in prioritizing the tasks. 

Set a realistic timetable

As children are in growing years, keeping their schedule simple and not overcommit beyond their capacity is the key to help your child to manage time effectively, allocating sufficient time for each activity based on its complexity 

Encourage regular Breaks

Ensure your child includes multiple short breaks between activities such as their study sessions, play, or hobby time, to stay refreshed, engaged and interested. Remember to include leisure time as a full slot in the schedule, as they say, a healthy mind leads to a successful student! 
Tips for time management for students

2. Minimize Distractions by Creating a Conducive Learning Atmosphere

Children at a young age tend to get distracted as is almost inevitable, with their curious minds running helter-skelter. Distractions can be a student’s worst enemy at times. These time management tips for students helps them avoid the temptations to get distracted, thereby creating a focused learning environment: 
Time Management Tips for Students

3. Assist the child to tame the To-Do List

To-do lists are powerful tools amongst different tips for time management for students, but an overcrowded list can backfire sometimes, leading to your child to be in a state of confusion. Here’s how to effective craft these time management tips for students through creating tactful and enjoyable to-do lists: 
Tips for time management for students

4. Voice out a Strong "No" Wherever Required

As students, they get carried away with being obliged to agree to whatever is being told to them, and it so happens that it may not be in their best interest. Due to this sense of force, it becomes difficult for the child to agree to certain requests, leaving the child confused and in a pondering state, ultimately leading to the child wasting time. 
This is why we teach your children to say “no” which is a vital time management skill. Here’s why: 
Time Management Tips for Students

5. Recharge, Rejuvenate and Refocus with The Importance of Self-Care

Time management tips for students go a step ahead of just scheduling and going through tasks based on priority. Your child needs to concentrate on self-care as much as you as parents look after them. This is important to become responsible, attain focus and be ready for the competitive world to achieve goals. 

How Time Management Can Help Change Your Lifestyle

Tips for time management for students
Effective use of the tips for time management for students goes beyond just excelling in studies. It has immense power to transform your child’s lifestyle in totality. When your child is overwhelmed and stressed, these tips help them take control of their schedule, and experience a calmer and more relaxed state. Furthermore, managing their time effectively allows them to dedicate quality time to family and friends and pursue their hobbies more often, ensuring they have a healthy childhood.  


Mastering time management tips for students by your child will lead to the overall success of your child’s holistic journey. By implementing these strategies collated by Holy Child Convent, the child will be able to manage your academic workload effectively and maintain a healthy balance in your life.  

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