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Study Hacks Every School Student Must Know

For your child, a new set of study patterns may seem difficult to get accustomed to. Indeed, it is difficult but at a young age children can be introduced to some study hacks every school student must know. You might find a lot of tips and study guides online, but it wouldn’t necessarily be the best for your child.

What is a fun way to study from all the tips that are available online? It can be arduous even to skim through websites let alone find a fun way. Here, we have accumulated study hacks every school student must know to excel in academics and this gives them an awareness of how to study smartly. Reading through this article you will be able to get a clear idea of what some good study hacks are...

Dos and don’ts.

Your child must be aware of some actions that he/she should look out for while studying or even while preparing for exams. A child wouldn’t realize some of the necessary elements, with the dos and don’ts they will be able to craft a roadmap that will help them to focus better.

Children will often leave major portions of their study materials untouched till the last moment. This will often clutter the mind. Last-moment study tips may help to some extent, as in revising the subjects but searching for last-minute study hacks before the exam will most probably consume more time. It is important to feel free before the exam day. So, do toppers study at night? Perhaps, study techniques can vary from one child to another.

You should remember to set a realistic study schedule which should be goal oriented. Take regular interval of breaks and give yourself time to think about what you are studying.

Time management.

This study hack which every student must know will keep track of time spent on each subject, every day. Tracking study time will keep them updated on the changes they should make while dealing with each portion.

Proper management of time will help them from being burned out from overdoing. This may increase in the inefficiency of the curriculum

Follow Expert tips

These expert-designed study hacks every school student must know have been proven to be effective. Follow these set of steps which are carefully crafted.

The Feynman technique: Write down detailed topics, teach them for better comprehension, revise the sections which you felt difficult to understand and simplify complex concepts as if explaining to a child.

PQ4R Method: Review the study material, be sceptical about your understanding, try to answer the part you found difficult to understand, note the key points and recite the study materials in your own words. Review again to have a better understanding.

SQ3R Method: Surveys the text for basic awareness, find questions from your understanding, read to get answers for the questions you have formulated, recite and summarize, and read again for a concrete understanding

These hacks make learning easier for diverse range of students in their academic journey. Equip these techniques crafted by experts for a successful academic result.

Teach what you learn.

The simple study hacks every school student must know have been proven effective. When students take on the role of teaching their peers, friends or even parents, they will be forced to reinforce their understanding. When we teach someone, we tend to look at our ideas. It is important to reflect on your ideas; in the hopes that you will find many sections you have missed. The act of teaching helps you identify your doubts.

3-2-1 Rule.

What is the 3-2-1 rule for studying? It may not be as popular as the 3-2-1 Backup Rule, but it is as much an effective learning method. The 3-2-1 rule is a study hacks every school student must know, this may improve your memory and make your study session flow smoothly.

3 Main Points: While studying for your exams take a pen and a notebook and note down three important points or the key concepts related to the exam topics.

2 Details: Identify, study and note down two supporting details or facts for each of the three key concepts you have written down earlier. Two of the details should provide context and depth to the key concepts.

1 Summary: After completing the first two steps, make a concise summary incorporating the main points and details.

Even though there are varied ranges of study hacks school students must know, it can have different results among children at large. One tip or hack should not be forced onto a student. He/she should be able to find his/her preferred way for the most efficacious result and comfortable study. At Holy Child Convent we give the best care for our students to improve their skills.

Every hack may not be suitable for the child. The dos and don’ts might help them realize the sections they have to be careful about. Time management helps in saving and organizing time. Expert tips like Feynman’s, PQ4R and SQ3R will introduce them to a new style of learning. Students will learn by teaching and the 3-2-1 rule helps them organize their study routine in state syllabus schools in Bangalore.


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