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Best Schools in Bangalore

When it comes to exploring the Best Schools in Bangalore, parents usually find themselves in a hot soup. Renowned for its forward-thinking culture and lively atmosphere, Bangalore is one of the top education hubs in the country where children from various parts of the country aspire to get their formal education.

Top 10 State Board Schools in Bangalore

Characteristics that make it to the Best Schools in Bangalore list

But what are the characteristics that makes for the Best Schools in Bangalore? Parents today are in the look-out for educational institutions that not only caters to the academic development of children, but also nurtures children by bestowing good values and morals.

In the present scheme of things, children are evolving as thinkers, science and sports enthusiasts while also exploring their skills in the field of arts. These have become imperative aspects and act as criteria for parents to opt for the Best Schools in Bangalore. This is because parents not only look towards the academic professionalism in schools, but also look forward to getting their children admitted in such schools which can hone and nurture their children’s interests and skills too. They also are critical of the school’s history, its moral-ethical stance and importantly the quality of education that is professed that transforms young minds into mature adults.

Exploring the best schools in south Bangalore

To be counted among the Best schools in Bangalore is not an easy task. It requires a certain reputation and heritage that has lasted long and that continues to excel in the same direction and wins the trust of parents and children. Such schools are in great numbers when it comes to counting on Schools in south Bangalore. Well-known for its literacy rate and for being the home of renowned people in the field of literature, sports and science Bangalore south tops the Best schools in Bangalore list.

State Board Schools in Bangalore
Notably, Banashankari is a vast and sizable locality though well-known for its residential sprawl, it also one of the buzzing localities housing many marketplaces, healthcare institutions and historically significant temples. While it is renowned for the aforementioned attributes, it also is one of the perennial destinations when it comes to seeking admission in the best educational institutions

The best schools in Banashankari like many other top schools in south Bangalore are renowned for providing a comprehensive learning experience. The character features that make these schools stand out is not only because of their ability to nurture children intellectually, but also help them with emotional reasoning and strong character building. The overall focus mainly includes the holistic development of the child where children are encouraged to develop a questioning and impartial mind that help them evolve as better individuals.

While the academic part and the intrinsic character development have been the mainstay, these are also the schools that focus largely on physical health. They encourage students to be physically fit by accommodating regular time for sports activities and physical fitness, without which the development of the child remains incomplete. Sports and physical activities at schools not only help towards them being physically fit, but also aids in building their overall mental makeup. Indulging in physical sports not only exercises their body, but also their minds. Sports helps children socialize with their counterparts, mingle freely with people and aids in building strong leadership skills.

While there are many schools that stand out in most of the categories when it comes to seeking the best schools in Banashankari, what is more critical is the balance. In today’s age, it is a great challenge to find schools that attempts and carries the ability to balance between old traditional values and modern education at the same time. At this juncture, it pretty easy to be driven by a single thought approach which does no good for the child’s development. Holding on only to the traditional roots and customs will only hinder the development of the child as it remains unaware of the evolving societal changes and modern-day philosophies and learnings. In the same manner, a blind drive upwards that only mechanizes a certain academic or a learning experience too is dangerous, as it may make the child less of emotions and more of a pragmatic individual. 

It is hence critical that if a school affirms to be the Best Schools in Bangalore, it should know the art of striking the balance between the two in such a way that the child adheres to social emotions while also develops the ability to question anything that seems unrighteous or unscientific. Great personalities such as Swami Vivekananda, Bhagath Singh, Albert Einstein all had practised the art of questioning and reasoning. That is one of the reasons why they were able to stand out from the rest and become icons & celebrated individuals. 

Building scientific outlook in young minds is one of the important aspects today’s parents are stressing upon. To question the why, how and what only intensifies a child’s learning experience and moulds the child to face any adversity or challenges in life.

Choosing the best schools in Bangalore – Category Wise

With ICSE and CBSE being the top catch for children belonging to the middle class and upper strata, certain parents take conscious decisions to getting their children admitted for academics of state syllabus. This is because state boards are specific in designing curriculums in such a way that relates to the economic, social and cultural context of their respective state. Banashankari hosts a myriad of schools that is counted among the best schools in Bangalore state syllabus.

Making it to the search list is the Best schools in Bangalore for nursery. This is because parents these days are eager to help mould their child as creative and artistic individuals too. The best school in Bangalore for nursery provide children with innovative and creative learning methodologies that include Hands-on learning, learning through nature and a prepared environment that fine tunes the child in the process of a growing adult.

Located at the heart of Banashankari, a thriving residential and commercial locality, Holy Child Convent checks all the boxes that parents often expect of a thriving educational institution that not only delivers a comprehensive education experience, but also equally prioritizes building the mental-makeup and overall character development of a child

Holy Child Convent since its inception in 1987 has been in sync with the evolution and stands synonymous to the free-thinking character of the city. With close to 40 years of experience in education and by virtue of the diverse cultural and technological evolution the city has gone through, Holy Child Convent today is not only counted among the Top schools in south Bangalore, but in fact is among the Best Schools in Bangalore.

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At the time of admission (for class I to X) along with application form a Photostat copy of the original birth certificate and original transfer certificate from the school last attended, counter signed by the Block Education Officer (BEO) and the most recent original marks card must be submitted.

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A student promoted from senior nursery (UKG) to 1st standard, though studied in the same school, must apply for fresh admission for entry to 1st std. for succeeding academic year and even for the primary schools pupils to high school. There will be regular readmission formalities along with fresh application.

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Apart from the various prescribed fees payable during an academic year, parents should pay maintenance fees at the beginning of every academic year.


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